Which Plants are Happiest in Your Bathroom?

To get the best out of your plants, you’ll need to be aware of the conditions in which they will thrive. Inside your bathroom is a very specific environment of high humidity, higher temperature than the rest of the house, and often lower light levels. There are some plants can also purify the air, keep the area feeling fresh, and even provide therapeutic benefits. Here is a guide to help you select the perfect plants for this demanding space.


Most species of bamboo are native to warm and wet tropical regions. It is a species of grass which has the capability of growing very fast. It is possible to cultivate bamboo without the use of soil. All that is required is a jar which contains pebbles and water.

Ivy and Pothos

Ivy and Pothos vines are suitable for providing a lush atmosphere in the bathroom. These can be placed near the bathtub, sink, or even hung from a shelf.


Ferns like humid air and their fronds can get damaged if exposed to dry and windy conditions. Taking proper care of these plants is indeed difficult, but they can make an excellent addition to the bathroom.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant which can survive almost anywhere provided there is sufficient light, she will do excellently in a bathroom, and can even provide some therapeutic benefits for if and when needed.

The Bathroom Environment

The bathroom is the most damp area of the house, and many of them do not have a lot of natural light. When someone takes a hot shower, the moisture and temperature of the space become like a tropical rainforest. Certain plants adore this kind of atmosphere; however, cacti and succulents are not among them. All plants require light, even those that are situated in the bathroom. If yours doesn’t have a window, it will be hard to keep any plant alive unless you install grow lights.

Jungle Plants

When you go plant shopping, you should look for ones that are native to humid climates, such as orchids, ferns, and philodendrons. When deciding on a plant for the bathroom, the amount of light should be taken into account. If the space is not very bright, the Chinese evergreen is a good option as it prefers dim to moderate lighting and warm, moist air. Additionally, begonias with vivid colours can be grown in fluorescent lighting. English ivy is another plant that can thrive in a dim room, while also helping to purify the air.

Below is an infographic created by The Modern Bathroom, it helps to illustrate some of the best plants to create your own bathroom jungle.

If you have any questions about setting up your bathroom with plants, we are here to help! Drop us a message here.

Plant love,


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