Make Your Own DIY Moss Pole

Here at Planteka we are always trying to come up with new ways to have fun and enjoy plants. Today, we will be sharing a way to make your own moss pole, using Sphagnum moss and wire mesh. This is perfect for helping your large Monstera or Pothos plants after a full summer off growth!

Materials needed to make your own DIY moss pole

  • Sphagnum Moss
  • Chicken wire or another type of wire mesh.
  • Cable ties (colour is optional but green blends in better with the Sphagnum Moss).
  • Scissors and wire cutters (a strong pair of scissors works for both).
  • Pipe cleaners.
  • Extra: a bamboo pole (for additional support).

Method to make your own DIY moss pole:

  1. Soak your sphagnum moss in water for around 2 minutes (although you can leave it in there until you are ready to use it. The quantity depends on how large you want your pole to be. I would recommend using soaking less rather than more, as it is easier to soak more than to dry it.
  2. Bend your wire mesh into a cylinder, the diameter should be roughly 5cm. A bigger diameter means more moss! The length will be dependent on the length or width of the mesh (depending on which axis you roll it).
  3. After you are happy with how the cylinder looks, cut the mesh along the correct line.
  4. Start to fill your open cylinder with your damp Sphagnum moss, you will want it to be feeling tight when the cylinder is closed so make sure you use enough.
  5. When you are happy that the cylinder is full with moss, it is time to close the cylinder with the cable ties. You will need one cable tie every 10cm (more or less). Make sure they are closed tightly, and when you wish, cut off the tails from the ties so they don’t stick out.

Once you have done all this, your moss pole should be completed!

  1. Our next step is to re-pot our chosen plant. So find a suitable pot, place the pole at the bottom and then place the plant next to it and fill up with soil.
  2. You should then be able to begin to attach your plant upwards on the pole, attach it gently to the mesh with the pipe cleaners.

Extra: If you have a very heavy plant, it may be that you need to reinforce the pole. This is where the bamboo pole comes in helpful. You can attach it to the pole and insert it into the soil. It should be enough to hold everything upright.

Let us know what you think and if you try it! Send us pictures on Instagram with  #weareplanteka.

Plant love, Planteka.

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