Which Plants Are and Aren’t Susceptible to the Cold?

In these past weeks and especially at PlantekaWalk, we have been asked many questions about plants in wintertime. One of the most common questions was “Which plants are and aren’t susceptible to the cold?”. So we decided to make this short guide to help you figure out which ones should be brought inside, and which ones can endure the winter outside. Below is a list of plants which are and aren’t susceptible to the colder months.

Plants which are susceptible to the cold:

  • So I hope this one goes without saying, but I find myself saying it anyway… Any tropical plants must be brought inside! If they aren’t already suffering, they will very soon. Make sure they are all brought inside to a warmer, draft-free spot. Examples of these plants that must be inside during the winter: Aeschnanthus Twister, Aglaonemas, Alocasias, Monstera Deliciosa, Calatheas.

Plants which aren’t susceptible to the cold:

  • Succulents
  • Some ferns from similar climates – Helecho Boston
  • Lavender

If the plant originates from the Mediterranean or from a similar climate, it is usually safe to leave the plant outside.

What happens with plants during the winter?

Most plants become dormant, meaning that their growth rate slows to almost nothing, leaves can yellow, or brown, and even die. It is not anything worrying, all plants do this, and there is nothing we can do about it; make sure to have pruned your plants to preserve their energy for the winter months. If you see too much plant material deterioration, you may want to relocate your plants inside.

If you have any specific questions regarding which of your plants can stay outside for the winter, please write to us here and we can help! 

Plant love, 


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