How to Propagate a Plant from Roots?

Propagating Plants from Roots

So to finally close our series about propagation, i am going to share and explain about a method for root propagation.

Roots method:

  • Almost any section of root can be used for a cutting.
  • Place it in your chosen rooting medium, and in a no light and sealed environment. I would suggest a plastic tupperware box.
  • Soon (less than a week) they will begin creating new roots and new plant material. Don’t move them too soon as they may not be ready to transplant.

As before, you must choose your propagation medium, here is a little guide for some mediums which I like:

This series has been a not so basic guide for cuttings and propagation, but there is much more information to find out and learn. I would suggest doing some research into the most effective mediums for propagation, about rooting hormones (makes these processes much easier), and also about which plants you can do this with. Not every plant is happy for this process and requires, at least in my experience, a lot of trial and error.

Please share with us your thoughts, and experiences with this! We would love to hear how it has gone for you!!

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