Top 10 gift ideas for plant lovers

So you have a plant lover in your life? And you are wondering what to gift them? Well, it need not be just plants you know?

We decided to step away a bit from what’s just traditional of gifting a plant, to look at some amazing gifting options for the plant lover in your life. Whatever the occasion, Valentine’s Day, birthday, Sant Jordi, Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, these are our top 10 handpicked gifts for plant lovers.

#1 Terrarium Workshop: As plant lovers, we all love to get our hands dirty. And what better than gifting an experience, creating a jungle in a jar for the plant person in your life? It is so easy to maintain these beautiful works of art too. That’s why the terrarium workshops from our community, is the top pick for anyone, green thumb (or not).

#2 A pair of hanging Monstera Adansonii earrings: As light as a leaf, these beautiful creations are worth every seed. We are all in to flaunt the fact that we love the plants in their life, while wearing these earrings!

#3 Solid Perfume and Aromatic Candles Workshop: The reason why we have another experience (a.ka. workshop) in our top 10 picks is that as plant lovers, we love to work with our hands and awaken our senses; even better when it’s all about our olfactory senses. A perfect gift to yourself or to the ones you love, while choosing the scents to your likings, we can’t recommend this particular workshop enough.

#4 Maranta Leuconeura Tricolour: Talking about titillating our senses, the visual appeal of the patterns of leaves makes this plant an absolute winner as a gift. Adding to that is the dancing nature of the leaves, giving it its nickname – prayer plant.

#5 Philodendron Gloriosum – Beautiful gorgeous big leaves, they are the talk of the town. Get this unique plant as a gift? We agree.

#6 Kokedama: Be it a Kokedama workshop or a readymade piece itself, both make incredible gifts for the plant lover who loves aesthetics, with these Japanese technique of planting without a pot.

#7 Ceramic pots from Botanico Atico: Everything Botanico Atico creates is a work of art. Every piece is unique, so look no further for a unique gift for the plant lover in your life.

#8 Dancing airplants: Whatever room you choose to put these works of art, they will fit in incredibly well. And they are so easy to take care of. The shells are unique porcelain craft-made shell, inspired by sea urchins, to remind us of nature care.

#9 Plant Illustration: Always a perfect gift for the plant lover, we don’t have many words to say about the incredible choice we have from our vendor community.

#10 Planteka Gift Card: Let them make their choice, with you choosing our gift card. Sometimes, that’s just the best way to go. Don’t you think? We heart the idea of giving a gift card, with your little note on it.

Write to us, if you have a special note along with your gifts. 🙂

Plant love


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