A Guide for Buying New Plants

Buying new plants is an invigorating experience, but a frightening one too. Some plants can be expensive and are an investment which must be thought about carefully. Most of us will have a plant wishlist bigger than most Monstera Deliciosas, but sadly we may not be ready for all of these beauties in our lives.

Some key points to think about before buying a plant:

  • Space available at home.
  • Light levels at home and in the space you want her.
  • Competition for space in the new environment for the plant.
  • The environment itself – meaning temperature, humidity, light hours etc. As I say some plants can be very specific, many jungle originated plants cannot thrive in cold conditions.

What to consider WHEN buying a plant:

  • Leaves – check leaves for signs of pests, sun spots, burn marks. Any signs of advanced progression means you probably shouldn’t buy her.
  • Stems – are there pests or brown patches? Could indicate an issue with the roots.
  • Soil and roots – check the soil health, are there pests or signs of mould? If you can (it may have to be secretly), but try to check the root health by removing the plant from the pot and examining it.

If everything looks good with the plant, and what you can provide ticks all the boxes, then you are ready to become a new plant parent. If not, it may be worth waiting a little time more until you are.

Having said that, impulse can be very strong at times, and it can be easy to ignore all thought and logic. This happens more times than not for me. So, that is where Planteka and PlantekaFest comes in!

With our regular plant swaps and our marketplace for plants, you can swap, buy, and sell, to suit your needs and your plants. What more, we give you specific guidance for your space. Just write to us and we can provide our online or in-person garden consultation or personal plant-shopping service for what to buy.

Plant love,


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