How to Improve Your Mental Health with Plants

Take care of plants and let them take care of you!

I want to talk to you all about mental health, what better day to do this than on a beautiful sunny morning. During this dark and difficult period, we all need to take care of ourselves in different ways, and we all have our own ways; but here at Planteka, we believe in plants.

Recent, there has been a large quantity of scientific studies (see below) expressing links between time spent in nature or around plants and improved mood and mental health, sometimes lasting for days and weeks. So I hear you asking… What can I do to feel these benefits?! Well, honestly, there are a few very simple things that you can do on a day to day basis, or, if and when you feel you need a plant-based boost.

I have created a few simple activities for you to explore in your own time.

Number 1: Touch your plants!

Whether you are at home, on a terrace, or in the park. Get touching! Not only does it release natural endorphins in your body, leading to improved mood and connectivity to your environment, but also it helps your plants grow stronger and healthier. Your touch will mimic wind passing over the plants and cause them to grow stronger. It’s scientifically proven and even has a name: Thigmomorphogenesis. If touching doesn’t work for you, you can always give them a gentle shake…

Number 2: Build yourself a little jungle in your room.

It is so important to be connected to your environment – it reduces the likeliness of mental health problems, including loneliness and depression. Not only are there mental health benefits, but also the internal environment in your space will improve. Better air quality, improved light and ambience… Jungle vibes! If you need help with creating your little jungle, write to us or check out all the little creatures we have on our website that you think would go well setting up your jungle.

Number 3: Repot your existing plants!

Even touching soil for a short amount of time has the ability to ground you to your environment and make you feel more comfortable and at home within your environment. Create your urban garden, get your hands dirty and feel nature bring you back to yourself.

Number 4: Our Planteka community.

Here at Planteka, we have been working hard to create a community of like-minded people, all interested in nature, plants, and one another. If you are feeling that you are struggling with something, too much time alone, or you are just having a bad day… Reach out to us! We are here for you. With our workshops and events, we want to be all together as much as we can, and there is strength and love in this community. Be with us, together, as Planteka.

As always, to all of you reading this, these times are difficult and testing for us all; but we are all here for each other and we are stronger together. Reach out and connect with us, if you are having a bad time, or not! We would love to connect with you.


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Mental Health, Nature Work, and Social Inclusion

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